A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people. John F. Kennedy

“Taifa letu – taifa lolote – ni zuri na mahali pazuri pa kuishi kama raia wake watalifanya liwe hivyo. Uongozi wake unaweza kuwa mzuri, mbaya au usiojali lakini kama watu wake wameamka (ki-elimu?) na wanajitambua, haitachukua muda mrefu kuwakilisha mtazamo wa jamii na kubadili mawazo na matumaini ya taifa.” Julius Kambarage Nyerere

Tuesday, October 15, 2013




“I am not resigning but, I am quitting, and I have decided to do so because, I feel time is in hand for another member to lead the Nation ….”

“The almighty God has granted people with many talents, and they can think about so many things. But the important thing is my faith that, what I am doing is good for the Nation I have no power to hide people to give out different interpretation, but interpretation is the second thing.” 

“Tanzania should not believe that a one-party state is a God’s which …. As for the debate they should just debate in today’s Tanzania it is stupid to make secret the debate of on more parties. It is treason to discuss why we have single party; we have been benefited from having a one-part. Tanzania should discuss the prons and cons of having one-party or many parties …. One party has its own limitations and tends to go sleep”.

“There is a time when countries limit their people’s liberties, this can be done during war time, war limits people freedoms.”

“Now when you suppress people who are educated and who want more freedom it becomes really a problem.”

“Tanzania should not believe that a one-party state is a God’s which … In to-day’s Tanzania it is stupid to make secret the debate of, or more parties ….. Tanzania should discuss the prons and cons of having one-party of many parties”

“I don’t propagate long live one-party system, but I do propagate long live CCM”

“We cannot remain an island, we must manage our own changes, don’t wait to be pushed, “

“The people of the majority view have to accept the rights of minority to express their opinions without intimidating social pressure and indeed must accommodate those views as far as possible”.

“Developing nations need democracy, but the need and necessity of democracy should come from within according to geographical necessity, maturity etc … And the internal situation of Tanzania is ready for Transformation”.

“We make mistake to imagine that we can import democracy like coca-cola or readymade garment … But ideas about democracy and democratic institutions are not divine truth, they mere to be accumulated and absorbed into the blood stream of the people and institutions through which ideas … grow out of people’s own practice”

“Leaders of the opposing parties should be serious and patriotic and they should not be money make … And if they fail during election they should know that they have failed and not to take stones and throw to their fellow members in demand to why they have failed”.

“We need at least two committed parties; we don’t want 30 small parties that will be chaos.”

“the west was struggling to post a new set of puppet leaders in the developing world. There is no other explanation rather than us efforts to influence removal rulers who were installed by Washington …. They want to install a new crop of surrogate’s leaders. I must caution them however that it is easier to do this by military coup than through democratic elections”.

“… People say that we should learn from outside from USSR ad other Eastern European countries … what should we learn from them … we should not agree to be pushed like tools …. The Soviet Union is finished … gone.

“You will never hear that any President of America had appointed a communist or socialist as the head of American army. If God himself advised that he should do so he would refuse.”

“… The majority of Tanzania would like to continue with a single party-system under CCM. But we cannot wait until the majority of the people have lost their faith in this party before the party itself seized and uses its responsibility to us her in such a major changes as this”.

“Democracy is more than a matter of majority rule, true democracy requires that minority views be respected and that everyone be given an opportunity to express their views freely and openly … every new thing starts with the support of minority…. True democracy demands that the minority have such freedom. Therefore CCM can and should welcome the opportunity to give a lead in yet another major peaceful political transition in our country”.

“No political party be permitted to exist if it is based on Religious … Religious is the right of all Tanzanians. But our party as a party has no religion… This is an absolute essential stand for the unity and peace in the country”.

“To lead is to show the way. But it is difficult to show the way in the dark, without either a light or compass. And its philosophy and its ideology are the light and the compass of political party.

“Take care of the Arusha Declaration otherwise there will come some people who will cheat you saying it is useless. The Arusha Declaration has strong foundation and will last forever and bring development in Tanzania.”

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